Local Spirits in The View Restaurant

local spirits at dunham's bay resort

Local Spirits at Dunham’s Bay Resort

Lake George has some of the best Local Spirits & Beverages New York State has to offer and Dunham’s Bay Resort is proud to partner with some of the region’s best beverage makers. One of our newest additions to the Bar is the Spirits Collection from our friends at the Lake George Distilling Co. which provide a versatile base for a multitude of cocktails which pair perfectly with our  Dinner Menu. Stop in and see for yourself why Lake George Distilling Co. is one of the Lake George Region’s favorite beverage makers.

Lake George Distilling Co.

Vodka: Our smooth, clean, and crisp spirit offers a neutral flavor produced from corn and wheat. The subtle, yet sweet finish goes well chilled or is perfect when mixed into any cocktail

Bourbon Whiskey: Made from our tried and true recipe, our mixture of hand selected grains offers a bourbon with an underlying sweetness while packing in spicy flavor that’s rounded out by our American oak barrel aging process. Specially blended by our head distiller, this bourbon has a nose offering oak and leather with a finish that’s long and mellow with a honey like sweetness.  The grain bill consists of 70% corn, 17% rye, and 13% malted barley.

Rum: Made with the highest quality molasses available for purchase, this New England style rum is lighter and less sweet than its Caribbean style cousin. Our modern production methods create a flavor that is rummy, but not aggressively so.

Gin: Fresh and crisp, this spirit welcomes you with a nice juniper flavor before it overtakes your palate with our personally chosen mixture of botanicals including locally sourced lavender from Lavenlair Farm. This velvety smooth, yet refreshingly light gin goes well in a wide variety of cocktails and is perfect in a martini.

Lake George Distillery bottles on shelf

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